Arashi promote Japan’s endless discovery in Seoul

This Seoul bus ad was spotted by a reporter based in Japan, who tweeted the photo with the message, “Just saw this at a bus stop in Seoul. Would these boys make you want to visit Japan?”

Was she joking?! Of course, these heavily groomed boys and their matching outfits will lure foreign tourists and their money.

It’s a two-way street now between Japan and Korea with boy bands being the enticing candy that drives commerce. “Endless Discovery” seems to be a win for the feminine publics!


  1. Haha. Have you seen the youtube clip of Sakurai Sho and Matsumoto Jun introducing the campaign? Can’t find the link now but it’s really hilarious.

    By the way have you ever seen the NTV show Onee Mans?
    It’s become one my most favorite Japanese show (I’m a big fan of IKKO-san)

    What do you think of the show?

    1. Just wanted to jump in here… I’ve seen their campaign and have to admit I love the onsen scene. ^^ And the one episode of OneeMans I’ve seen, with Ohno as the guest, was hilarious! IKKO is definitely great. And Ohno was such a good sport, as always. Which reminds me that I wanted to try making the rice with chicken and tomato recipe they showed, hehe.

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