Month: July 2010

Samuel Steward’s Stud File

The husband was concerned that my pace of posting has slowed down recently, and he suggested linking to this book review of a new biography of Samuel Steward, mid-century English professor, novelist, and tattoo artist. Apparently Alfred Kinsey’s book inspired Steward to consider himself a “sexual researcher,” which led him to compile a “stud file” with 746 index cards documenting 50 years of sexual encounters.

The husband asks, “Why did he want to record those sexual encounters so meticulously?” Readers, do you (or someone you “know”) keep detailed records? Is this analagous to those bloggers who document every meal?

Palestinian convicted of “rape by deception” and given 18 month sentence

Have you heard about this outrageous case of a Palestinian convicted in Israeli court for rape on the grounds that his willing sexual partner believed he was a Jewish bachelor? Apparently there was some instant attraction and smooth talk because “he chatted with the woman for about 15 minutes after they met on a Jerusalem street before she agreed to go into a nearby building and have sex with him.” He’s already served 2 years under house arrest, and now he’s been sentenced to 18 months jail time. I doubt he’s the first person who has ever lied about something to get laid.

Hakuho has won 46 consecutive sumo matches

Sexy, adorable Mongolian sumo wrestler Hakuho has now extended his consecutive wins to 46, placing him 3rd in the ranks of all-time greatest sumo wrestlers. Since Asashoryu’s expulsion, Hakuho is the only yokozuna, or top-ranked player now. He is guaranteed to win the Nagoya championship that ends today. I was glad to see that despite the recent yakuza gambling scandal, the Nagoya stadium was full for this big match.

Watching on television allowed me to also focus on the opening ritual, in which Hakuho squats, lifts one leg to the side, drops his weight with a thud, thrusts his pelvis, and gives an impish stare. All while wearing not only the normal jockstrap-like costume, but also Shinto paper decorations and an elaborate rope sculpture on his back. A perfect mix of spirituality and raw physicality.

Shiba Koen outdoor summer pool

In the shadow of Tokyo Tower, Minato ward has opened their outdoor summer pool one minute from the Shibakoen Toei Mita station. Apparently sunblock is not permitted, so I won’t be there between 10 am and 4 pm. I made my first visit on Friday after work: a beautiful sunset over Tokyo Tower and the surrounding towers. As hyped by word-of-mouth, this outdoor pool is mega-gay.

The funniest moment was arriving at the clean and new facility. There were many, many posters explaining how tattoos are not permitted. I love the Western shoulder tattoo and the attempt at universal language, plus Japanese and English. Is it passive-aggressive to also explain how to hide your tattoos, with rash guards, “supporter,” taping, etc.

I didn’t get to visit, but I heard there’s a mezzanine area with lounge chairs, canvas sun shields, vending machines, and a smoking area! Way to promote fitness tied to tanning and smoking. Yumm! Apart from the very warm pool water, I recommend a visit. But after seeing all the minimal swimsuits, I think I may need to buy a smaller one!

BTW, this pool closes on September 15. Hours are 9 am to 8 pm, with a 5 pm closing time after September 1. They are also closed on August 2 for cleaning. I’ll post more night photos of the pool house exterior and Tokyo Tower soon.

Is bicycle mother drag the most moe moe?

Sorry dear readers, I cannot find an illustration. Thanks to the hubb for providing these excellent images!

Last week I re-met the lovely director and producer Charles Herman-Wurmfeld at the Tokyo Lesbian and Gay Film Festival talking about his latest film “Hollywood, J’Adore,” directed by his spouse Jason Bushman. As first time visitors to Japan, Charles and  Jason were astonished to see gardens, Shinto temples, and fashion. Charles pointed out the incredible construction worker drag (my favorite, in addition to the balloon pants, are the white rubber boots).

But truly his moe-est moe is his fascination with the summer anti-sun strategy of the Japanese bicycle mothers. Full gloves past the elbow for bike riding, sometimes attached directly to the handlebar for 100% compliance. And the enormous plastic UV shield that covers the face. It’s a mama-cheri look that rivals the burqa for full coverage.

Charles, being in his 40s, immediately realized how practical that would be for biking in Silver Lake and Los Angeles. I am very disappointed not to find a proper image of this everyday outfit that receives far less attention than construction worker, ramen chef, Tokyo Metro worker, and, of course, school girls.

Can anyone please send in a photo of this moe get-up?! Actually, now I am only missing the image of the front visor. You know, the one that goes from crown of the head to below the chin!

Ryoma pushes apartments in Nakano

I had to laugh at this blatant copyright infringement by a local realtor who is using Fukuyama Masaharo’s NHK historical mega-drama Ryoma character to advertise apartments in Nakano. The incongruity of this late Edo character selling very ordinary apartments in the present time is funny. And it’s a rare instance of super-blatant copyright infringement.

Much of Japan is divided between love for its two main idols: Fukuyama versus Kimutaku. These two guys have dominated male stardom for over a decade. Personally I find Fukuyama more cheesie and less believable than the ever fashionable Kimutaka. On the other hand, the husband is completely engrossed by the Ryoma drama.

Do you have a preference between Fukuyama and Kimutaka? Other favorite male idols? Please feel feel to link to your favorite images, commercials, etc.

Cat rescue in Nakano Sun Mall

Walking in Nakano’s Sun Mall plaza recently, I saw everyone staring up at the ceiling of this 1970s commercial corridor. And then I saw the uniformed rescue workers. Following their gaze, I saw a white cat perched on the “catwalk” two floors above the ground. The husband had to explain to me that this is dangerous for the cat. Doesn’t it have 9 lives? I am not much of a cat-lover, but I do enjoy the chance to see so many concerned men.