Month: February 2010

Straight or gay fashion?

More street fashion for you, dear readers.

After almost two years living in Tokyo, I am still confused by fashion markers. Here we have shocking pink running shoes, contrasting neon colors, and a single-sex group of young guys. I thought I had finally learned that all those markers were signs of heterosexuality in Japan. However, the young Japanese-American couple I was with (and later the husband) are convinced that these guys are gay. For them, the tip-off is the Mexican wrestler backpack. Go figure!

Boots in

A new male youth fashion is called “boots in.” It involves super skinny pants, often jeans but not always, tucked inside mid-calf boots. This guy’s shoes are not as impressive as his overall pose. But it gives you the idea.

Shouldn’t it be called “pants in” instead of “boots in”? Oh well, Japanese English is always unpredictable.

New “soshoku” male fashion

Not to be confused with the soshokukei (herbivore) male trend— an anti-salary man, new generation of non-aggressive and vain young men— the Mainichi newspaper introduces a new type of soshoku (same sound, different kanji).

The new soshoku are “decorative” males. My favorite kind. They enjoy unisex and ladies’ clothes (but are not cross-dressing), and are partial to a super slim silhouette that is impossible for their oji-san admirers to imitate. I love the photos that represent the new look, and have posted them above.

BTW, I am lurking and shooting my own fashion observations, and as fanservice to my readers I’ll post them soon.

Kirsten Dunst “Turning Japanese”

Super fun video of Kirsten Dunst vamping through Akihabara singing “Turning Japanese.” She’s in full cosplay outfit, dancing, greeting and flirting with maids, salarymen, and cute youth. Thanks Christophe for sharing this!