Month: April 2013

Stay classy, New York City


My favorite Twitter politician, Anthony Weiner, is back, and considering a run for mayor of New York City. Former US congressman Weiner used Twitter to get inappropriately close to new digital, female friends. It’s unclear to me whether he loved himself or his fans too much. As another great politican would say, you be the decider.

Remember the video with super-hot Jane Lynch and Bill Maher reading the Weiner testimony?!

Shibuya’s new mascot loves to water flowers and put on make-up


From the Japan Times:

the fairy lives in Yoyogi Park and its hobby is to water flowers and put on makeup.

I love how in Japan, or at least Shibuya, putting on makeup qualifies as a hobby! The name Airissun combines the meanings of “love” and “iris” while also drawing on the sound of the English word “listen.”