Time to buy your lucky rake, and enjoy Japan’s most beautiful people



The Shinjuku San Chome station of the Tokyo Metro is all dolled up for this year’s Tori no Ichi festival, where you can buy lucky rakes and eat and drink with Tokyo’s most gorgeous people. In a fluke of the lunar calendar, this year there will be 3 events in November: tonight and tomorrow, Nov 14 and 15, and Nov 26 and Nov 27. I’ll try to be there as often as possible.

If you’re in Tokyo, I highly recommend it. Apparently, Asakusa is more traditional. Hanazono shrine in Shinjuku is, I believe, the most gorgeous, power spot in Japan.

Here’s some photos from past years:



This is what public transportation looks like in San Francisco


(Photo: Marc Heustis, via

It’s certainly not the Tokyo Metro. Here at the 16th Street BART station, a naked man stretches beneath a huge pile of hair. Reportedly he was also peeing and sexually harassing women. Around the same time, between 5 and 6 pm, two people started walking on the tracks between stations. Needless to say, the station and the system shut down. I guess when all the high-paid people take corporate shuttles in a separate and unequal transit system, there’s very little incentive to maintain the bare minimum for the public version. What’s next, an Israeli-style separation barrier between the posh and the poor?

Tokyo Metropolitan Gym reopens after one year renovation, and the gays rejoice


The Tokyo Metropolitan Gym is Tokyo’s gayest place. Certainly in daylight and without booze, this non-digital location ranks as the busiest social space for an often “down low” sub-culture. The gym is even gayer, but the pool is noteworthy for its clerestory windows, natural light, and 50 meter length. It’s cleaner than ever after the renovation.

TMG, or Taiikukan, is directly across the street from JR Sendagaya station, and near Shinjuku, Yoyogi, and Omotesando.

It’s Johnny’s World, and we’re just passing through


Johnny’s, the reclusive octogenarian mastermind of generations of Japanese boy bands, clearly owns the giant billboards over Shibuya Crossing, if not the entire world. Faced with so much early teen male beauty, we can only hurry past this wall of complex and poofie helmet hair.