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Happy mascot suggest police are your friend


Yet another policeman on a short step ladder



Why does this combination, of uniformed authority and short ladders, always slay me?

Another view of Albert’s favorite Imperial heat

megaphone_emperor_birthdayThere’s something in the way he holds his megaphone, no?


College piggie who pepper sprayed students gets US$ 38,000 for his “mental distress”


What the hell? This University of California at Davis perpetrator cop received a bigger sum than any of his victims. The photo above shows how much he suffered from the student protestors. The pay-out was on top of his more than $110,000 yearly salary.

Police shut down sidewalk pole dancing outside Advocates



Sidewalk pole dancing lasted only a few rounds before the local policeman shut down this dangerous and/or immoral public display. The drag queen behind him is so mad her cup is popping out.

Please don’t dance, says Tokyo to its residents and visitors


Starting last summer, Tokyo police have cracked down on the dangerous custom of bars allowing patrons to dance. Citing an obscure law from 1948, the police have put on notice all the dance clubs in Nichome, and presumably smaller straight dance clubs. The original ordinance insists that dancing leads to prostitution. Whereas Japan has no shortage of real prostitutes and media simulations, allowing people to dance would be far too dangerous, disreputable, and contaminating. Oh, Japan, wake up. We’re in the 21st century!

My biggest security fetish? Cops on super short ladders


My number one Tokyo security fetish are policemen on top of 20 cm ladders. Really, it’s like a pantry step stool. So low tech, so minimal, and yet ever so watchful. If he needs to jump off the stool in hot pursuit, please please take care getting down!


Does his red braid match his pedestal carpet?


One of my favorite of all the many types of guards at the Imperial Palace. Who coordinated the outfit with the pedestal? Love it!!

Two types of police at the entry gate to the Imperial Palace


The trench coat guys are super creepy. I love how the white gloved, white megaphone po-po are wearing combat boots. Just in case the crowd turns ugly?

The crowd’s excitement on entering normally forbidden territory is contagious.


Police are looking busy at Imperial Palace, Part II


Have I mentioned that visiting the Emperor on his twice a year speeches is extremely satisfying for those who enjoy seeing men in uniform?