Fashion conundrum #5: If you drive a car, aren’t you missing out on some awesome fashion? Like these hair pins on a super-complex men’s hair-do.


It should be obvious to regular readers that I ride the train a lot in and around Tokyo. How else could I become inspired by the men’s street fashion that is constantly on parade. Maybe I could try the hair-pins on my men’s wig? It seems like a younger men’s fashion.

Fashion conundrum #2: What happened to his dress pants?


Nakano can be very casual. I’ve seen crocs, slippers, pajamas, and room wear of every type. But even I was taken back by this odd juxtaposition. Was this sexy shorts and business top intentional, or did something happen to his dress pants? I love how he’s bringing attention to this fashion conundrum, and his immediate audience seem like conservative office ladies. Oh, Nakano!

Fashion conundrum #1: What’s up with wool hats paired with shorts?


All during May and into June, I’ve been noticing the strangest seasonal fashion: wool cap paired with shorts. I certainly appreciate the start of shorts season, and maybe these men find the wool cap allows them to bare their legs earlier. I, on the other hand, have long packed away all my woolens.

Best part of this photo is that his hat matches  the train, and his shirt the platform tiles.