Month: April 2010

“Spoken from the heart” of a heavily medicated lady

I have a HUGE crush on first ladies in general. It’s hard to cultivate warm feelings for the sadly zombified Laura Bush, who seems to be heavily sedated at all times. Yet even I am excited to hear she has a new memoir, Spoken from the Heart, in which she discusses the fatal accident that killed her high school boyfriend and all the mean things said about the husband she claims to love. I prefer the fictional story in Curtis Sittenfeld’s novel American Wife, where the Laura Bush character cannot vote for the clown she married. I hope Laura pens a sequal after rehab!

Please name this celebrity!

Ok, fan girls. Please help me out. Who is this barely legal looking actor/model/singer who’s hawking Panasonic’s technology wonder of a wet-and-dry electric razor? I figure one of my readers will surely know.

I love how lurid the campaign is: the image is saturated with water drops, his hair damp and immaculate, his skin eerily unmarked by age or imperfection. But mostly I love how he welcomes our attention. Perhaps he needs it ^^

ps: There’s also a video version of this ad in the Tokyo Metro. I hope no one gets so distracted they fall into the tracks. . .

North Korea’s Youth Captain: Hot or Not?

I admit I have a thing for North Korea’s “Dear Leader,” whose fashion choices are frequently mocked yet, in my opinion, under-rated. Now he appears to be grooming son #3, aka Youth Captain, as his heir.

I love how this leaked propaganda document holds nothing back in its praise: “He is a genius of geniuses. He has been endowed by nature with special abilities. There is nobody on the planet who can defeat him in terms of faith, will and courage.”

But my question to you readers, is Youth Captain hot or not?!

Japanese construction workers are best dressed!

There should be a global competition for construction worker fashion, and Japanese would definitely score gold. From the Yoji Yamamoto wide pants to the ever present small towels to the super plucked eyebrows, Japanese construction workers are always riveting. Plus, what’s with workers wearing white rubber boots?! I find that *very* hot.

All images from a website where you can order these fashions, called

Exhaustive history of Asian men dating x-cross race lines

Hilarious 50 part series looking at Asian men throughout history who marrying, dating and sleeping with ladies of different races (plus Lieutenant Sulu’s husband). I thought this fetishization of Asian men would find a welcome audience among my readers. (Via Ask A Korean).’s introduction is hilarious, and there are many many examples of mostly movie stars and their fictional and real loves.

It’s no secret that everybody lusts after Asian women—just visit the streets of any major city, or Nic Cage’s crib, or this very web site (here, here, or here, for starters). So yellow fever is nothing new, but the miscegenasian has historically been one-sided: non-Asian men looking to fulfill their fetishes of submissive, exotic geisha-types. Get in where you fit in, fetishizers—but whither the Asian man? Unfortunately, the only sexual stereotype of our yellow brethren is decidedly negative (word to Ken Jeong’s nude scene in The Hangover), and there are only a handful (pause) of famous Asian men in America that might turn slant-eyeds from zeroes to heroes.

But things, they might be a-changin’. When Pepa chose Tom Lo to be her man in her VH1 series, it was one small, chocolatey step for Lo, but possibly a giant step for Asian mankind. Here, then, is our gallery of Asian men who’ve gotten love outside of their race in real life as well as movies and TV. You know, they’re all pink inside, folks…

Countryside tour ends with American Dream tour bus

I am wrapping up this fashion tour of the countryside with the incongruous site of the American Dream tour bus. In wonderfully eclectic fashion, an American theme– complete with eagle and red-white-and-blue– is fully compatible with the “hinomaru” and rising sun of Japanese nationalism. Why choose one theme when you can just have more!

What do you like best about Japanese country fashion? Do you get outside big cities often? What’s most inspiring about country fashion where you live?

Femme hotness in countryside

I realize I don’t show much female fashion in Japan. However, the countryside convinces me that the world may not have sufficient cosmetics for long. Heavy make-up, piles of blond hair, dark tans, ciggies and traditional costume. Wow!

At the event we attended, there was a large group of women wearing traditional outfits with neon blue leg-warmers. Japan, you are the mistress of mix-and-match fashion. I love it!

Even the swan boats in this country town have luscious long lashes!