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Industrial age love and choreography

These dance moves make me hopeful. Genki Sudo’s “World Order.” (Via Joe My God).

Becoming Chaz

Of course, I am a HUGE Cher fan. This upcoming OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) show follows Cher’s daughter Chastity’s transformation into a man named Chaz.

The Kids are Alright

Via Savage Love Blog.

A pattern of dangerous penis-shaped technologies?

Amidst the fear over quakes, water safety, and radioactive fallout, I do not mean to come off as a paranoid conspiracy theorist, or even an antiquated “mother earth” feminist. Still, it is impossible to ignore, in all the dioramas, illustrations, and video footage all the penis-shaped technologies at the heart of Japan’s natural and man-made disaster.

Most obviously, the six reactors at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant are all boxes (or were boxes, until the explosions) that cleverly conceal what appears to be a giant dildo of radioactive nuclear fuel rods, with torus doughnuts of water at the base and a steel containment vessel pointing this unholy mess of danger and energy sky-ward.

Japan’s protector/daddy/occupier the US military flew its Global Hawk man-less planes to take detailed images of the disaster. These are the drones that support the video distance warfare that delivers bombs throughout Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya. It’s good that these planes have some non-military uses, although I nearly spit out my drinking water when I saw on television these giant black penises flying through the air.

The storyline seems to be that we are dependent on reckless technology that happens to look like enormous penises. And that we can only contain the damage they cause by employing their similarly shaped flying cousins. We are then treated to a parade of government officials, energy company spokespeople, and nuclear epxerts– all of whom seem to be male– who promise vaguely that everything is mostly under control.

What is your favorite penis-shaped disaster technology?

RIP Liz Taylor

Unbelievable sadness. The sexiest woman of the 20th century?!

(From Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Paul Newman’s character must have been ultra-gay to be unswayed by all those sultry under garments).

I seen Beyonce at Burger King

A welcome distraction from after-shocks and radioactive venting. Gay rapper Cazwell has opened for Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga, and his new album is “Watch my mouth.”

We are still here in Tokyo!

I have not posted for a week to pay respect to the thousands of dead and displaced by the unimaginable earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011. Frankly I wondered whether this blog’s frivolity and frequent lack of taste is appropriate during this stressful period of intense sadness and nuclear meltdown panic.

From today I will resume this blog to show that we are still alive, creative and observant here in Tokyo. I was inspired by my  blogging sensei Bangin, who insists he will continue to try to make others happy through his blog. Even in the worst of times, there is plenty of moe to share, plenty of male fashion to ponder, and plenty of hope that Japan will rebuild.

Can you outdance Kylie?

Lady Gaga raises funds for Japan earthquake relief

Lady Gaga releases “We pray for Japan” wristband to support earthquake relief.

Make-up lessons for job interviews

Major manufacturer Kao is providing mass lessons to young women who are seeking post-college jobs. Is make-up about “expressing your personality,” displaying “your intellect or enthusiasm,” or maing “a good impression on a job interviewer who is about your father’s age”? One girl learned to take off her false eyelashes and thick eyeliner to land a job. Reading this “news story” is like some weird pre-feminist Time Warp.

Hot actor finds success in Vietnam

Johnny Tri Nguyen, a former Hollywood stunt double for Spider-Man and other films, has found greater success in the Vietnam film industry and in Bollywood as a leading hunk. Dreamy!