Maureen “Misunderstood” McDonnell


This story has it all: rising devout Catholic, Republican ex-governor of Virginia, beautiful wife, and $177,000 in gifts from crackpot medical salesman. The governor’s defense is that he and his wife weren’t speaking to eachother when they were living in the Governor’s Mansion. Please keep it coming!

Restaurant architecture draws vision to headless butts


Is this the most moe restaurant in Nakano? The stand-up soba and udon restaurant, with its half curtain, stands across from busy Nakano station. The restaurant design, including the one step up, forces the gaze onto a row of headless butts, as if on stage.

Happy 100th, Ladies & Drag Kings!


Takarazuka, the Japanese all-female musical revue, is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and the post office commemorates with postal stamps! Lots of gorgeous feathers, rhinestones, and men’s black tie. It looks so romantic. Who wants to go with me to the show in Hibiya?