If I were a boy

I am completely obsessed by this Beyonce song and video. The song is the perfect guy’s karaoke song. And the video of Beyonce as a cop is soo hot and sad.

UPDATE: Click here to watch the video. YouTube has blocked “embedded videos” for this tune.

Shameless adultery, on Xmas!

Shameless adultery, on Xmas! Kimutaka with Beyonce

I was hoping for the perfect Xmas today. Confronted with such public and shameless adultery, my dreams have now been shattered.

Darling Kimutaku, do our vows mean nothing? Everywhere I turn I see you with that woman. I know that Beyonce is famous, rich and beautiful. But why must you flaunt your indiscretions in public? You have turned peace and love into envy and hate. If you want to reclaim my heart, I am expecting over-sized jewels.

–Your soon-to-be-former-wife