Do you think China is afraid of their homo love?



It looks like nothing can come between these old men’s love for each other.


Electoral mascots in Japan trigger gag reflex


I had to force down some rising vomit after seeing the unveiling of this competition-winning mascot for the upcoming Japanese election. Starry eyes or not, I’d be satisfied with his reign if his delusional views don’t cause wars with the neighbors or any more nuke accidents.

One of the old men’s parties must be trawling for the ladies’ vote with this dapper young politician


Just remember that this hot politician’s party daddy is the decrepit Abe, who 7 years ago resigned from the Prime Minister job after 10 months of service due to stomach problems. Why is he leading this cute guy’s party, again? Are they trying to confuse the feminine public? He seems very confident about his abilities to count to three using his fingers.

Update: My bad. Actually this pretty politician, with a cloth condom on his mike, works for another decrepit political daddy, Noda, current prime minister and pro-nuke anti-populist. And we haven’t even mentioned far-right wing Ishihara, who is against women, gays, immigrants, and French people, plus he’d like to add more friction (and not the sexual kind) with China.