Maureen “Misunderstood” McDonnell


This story has it all: rising devout Catholic, Republican ex-governor of Virginia, beautiful wife, and $177,000 in gifts from crackpot medical salesman. The governor’s defense is that he and his wife weren’t speaking to eachother when they were living in the Governor’s Mansion. Please keep it coming!

Who is Africa’s Claudia Schiffer?

That alluring, pouting, and Los Angeles-style “girl next door” is, of course, Aisha Gaddafi. She apparently escaped recently with her mom to Algeria. She’s a Western-trained attorney, former United Nations goodwill ambassador, advocate for women’s rights, and formed part of the defense team for Saddam Hussein.

Seeing Aisha’s beckoning face only reminds me that any day or any moment now we’ll all witness the release of photos of her daddy being taken out of a fox-hole or smelly cave, his lovely curls matted, and the former king of African fashion wearing some soiled garments.

While the world rushes to vilify daddy, it’s nice to remember that his intelligence service was sharing information and torturing with the CIA and Brit intelligence, and that China very recently offered to sell him millions of dollars of weapons.

In the post-Gaddafi era, will Aisha get to join Dancing with the Stars, or become an aspirational brand model?

(Story credit: Ericthefez and Huffington Post)

Why are the people running the world so fugly?!

This photo has *nothing* to do with Tokyo Moe. But a simple question seems crystallized in this meeting between US Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates met with President Hu Jintao of China. One super power’s banker is meeting with the other’s gun pusher.

Why are the people running the world so fugly? Jowl to jowl, they might frighten small children with their cold hearts. The flowers are horrid. The only redeeming figure is the handsome Chinese translator. Goddess, save us now!

Parodies of “Gathering Storm” Anti-Marriage ads

A “Gathering Storm” has created a flood of parody ads discussing the apocalyptic potential of gay marriage. These two are some of my favorites. Have you seen any good ones?

There’s also Rachel Maddow’s commentary on the National Organization for Marriage’s “2M4M” campaign.

And Steven Colbert’s news report and parody:

And here’s a link to the original scare video with paid actors talking about their fear: