Month: December 2012

Very excited boys wrestle with light saber in early morning Shibuya


We discovered these boys rolling around the street in Shibuya with a light saber suggestively posed, crotch adjacent. I love the “call me baby” hand signal, suggesting he’s busy but open to new friends too. I cannot recommend highly enough an early morning visit to Shibuya on the weekend.

It’s Johnny’s World, and we’re just passing through


Johnny’s, the reclusive octogenarian mastermind of generations of Japanese boy bands, clearly owns the giant billboards over Shibuya Crossing, if not the entire world. Faced with so much early teen male beauty, we can only hurry past this wall of complex and poofie helmet hair.

Anti-Christ spotted in Koenji with SanTanuki


Underneath a “Wild Layers” wig, in “bitter cinnamon blend” color, a person claiming to be the Anti-Christ was spotted in Koenji. It was Friday, Dec 21, 2012, and the world might have ended that very day according to Mayan prophecy. Instead, he shared a fish sausage with SanTanuki and a sad smile with a restaurant worker after a delicious bowl of Vietnamese soup.