Month: March 2012

A fashion crime against the pope on the tarmac

Is it just me, or do you think this is a fashion crime committed in broad daylight on the airport tarmac? How can the First Lady of Mexico greet the pope in a matching outfit? I am thrilled that she won’t cede all the spotlight to the creepy guy with the gold cross.

Demure, feminine, and yet not unlike wearing a white lace gown to a wedding where you are not the bride.


US-Asian casino daddy squabbles, on location in Macau

First there was the suing, alleging, and counter-suing between Las Vegas’ tycoon Steve Wynn and Japanese pachinko billionaire Okada Kazuo. Now Newt Gingrich’s #1 casino patron ($10 million in donations) Shel Adelson is feuding with former Taiwanese partners. Somehow the money all leads to Macau. Lost in the news is what an epic comb-over Shel sports.

Ebizo, disgraced kabuki star, is back selling posh men’s wear in Yurakucho

Well, hello, Ebizu! I thought the kabuki star was disgraced, and then I find him giving me this come-hither look outside the new(ish) palce of posh menswear, Hankyu Men in Yurakucho. Decent coffee downstairs at the Monocle Cafe brought me there twice in one week.

Can someone explain to me how celebrity rehabilitation works in Japan? Was he forgiven because alcohol was involved? Or has he seduced a defenseless nation into taking him back?

Pipo-kun walks, and maybe shops, amongst us!

I love how Pipo-kun, the police’s giant orange mascot with big ears and a blue hat, simply waits for the light to change amidst the weekend shoppers in Shinjuku san chome. In the photo, it looks like no one’s paying him much attention. In fact, I saw many Japanese and foreigners excitedly posing with Pipo-kun. Below you can see his “handler,” who guided him along this public appearance.