Month: May 2010

Breaking news: Sex and the City stars arrive in Tokyo

All four stars of Sex & the City II have arrived in Tokyo for the premiere tomorrow. Love how they are decked out! And love how they are recognizing the importance of fashion-obsessed Japanese as their fan base.

Note: I’ll be attending the movie without the husband, who seems confused about the point of the movie. It’s about friendship, looking good, and ladies! Plus there are Arabs! I hope the sister-in-law can come with me!

I just want to be a teen werewolf

Wow! That’s a lot of heavily made-up, teen male angst! The video is entitled “I hate you Josh. I’m a teen werewolf.” It includes memorable lines like, “I don’t suck Daffy Duck’s dick.”

Thanks to all my lovely readers who commented about the 200,000th page view. I will definitely bring more street fashion, more sneaky photos, and of course more ikemen. But, no doubt, along the way, I will also include the many random and strange things I see in Tokyo and online. Please feel free to send any relevant stories and images that you think I should post!


It’s humbling and astonishing that this blog will reach 200,000 page views this weekend. I must thank my super attentive readers who have filled in all of my pop culture gaps, sent in blog tips that I have shamelessly re-used, and otherwise encouraged this strange endeavor. Diary, document, adventure, and communication, Tokyo Moe has become much more than I expected.

Is there more of something that you’d like to see in the future?

Is Hatoyama now Hillary’s bitch?

After a campaign promising an “equal relationship” with the US and then nearly a year of delays, Japan’s prime minister Hatoyama announced he will now adhere to an old agreement to relocate the US Marine base within Okinawa. There’s a lot of excuses about the dangers of North Korea, but in the end, it seems clear that Hatoyama is simply Hilary’s bitch.

The husband thinks this expression “Hillary’s bitch” is too redolent of prison sex. But I am just calling it like I see it. Poor occupied Japan and its spineless leaders. At least it’s nice to think that the tyrant top is mistress Hillary.

I love Renho!

Have you heard of Renho? She’s a single-name DPJ politician in charge of rooting out wasteful spending. Not only does she have a single name, she always wears crisp white suits! Plus, she’s Taiwanese, a former news anchor, and graduate of a very upper class university. In the photo above, she’s campaigning in front of Nakano’s JR station for our recent local, ward election. Wish I had seen her in person!!