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Future husband

Competitive eating champ Kobayashi eats 7.5 lbs of turkey in 10 minutes

I love that Kobayashi Takeru shows off his body in a tank top while eating 7.5 lbs of turkey in 10 minutes. It seems he’s now focused on using social media to get “closer” to his fans: on UStream and Facebook. It’s a proud moment for Japan: beating the US at food gluttony while seducing Amerika with exhibitionism. This a big win for Team Japan!

I am a pervert and I love the Republican primary

Endlessly entertaining. This is the last debate reduced to 100 seconds.

“I Wish I was Gay” – Jessica Lowndes

Catchy tune with uplifting message. I guess. (via JoeMyGod)

Do you use ALC’s free online dictionary?

I was looking up 迷惑 (meiwaku) on ALC’s free online dictionary. I thought it’s a reliable dictionary, although later the husband told me that it’s crowd sourced poorly. Here’s one example usage:

bad news〈俗〉


Is anyone else watching Sekaiichi Hatsukoi?

I am starting to watch the series Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. It’s a Boys Love anime about first love by the creator of Junjou Romantica. BL is basically man-on-man (or girlish male adolescent-on-adolescent) romance written by and for women. Oddly, I learned about it from my male cosplay friend, Bangin Sensei. He claims he cosplays BL stories only as “fan service” for his female otaku audience. Really?

Vatican gets Benetton to pull Pope’s Unhate image

What? Let the pope feel some warmth without hiding behind palace walls!

Benetton’s UnHate campaign

Isn’t that lovely?

“Gentlemen, shall we join the ladies!”

This looks fantastic. Meryl Streep is amazing.

Is Mrs Gingrich a man?

Seeing Mrs Gingrich looking happy, of course, makes me happy. What a lovely Republican presidential primary season we’ve been having. So many lunatics to love. I am still waiting until we are introduced to Mrs Herman Cain. Til then, I can only revel in Mrs G’s style: sort of a midwestern drag queen ideal: platinum hair, conservative suit, expensive jewels, and pride in her man. Even her name, Callista, evokes maximum flourish.