Monthly Archives: February 2012

Kawauchi Yuki shaves head to atone for 14th place finish at yesterday’s Tokyo marathon

OK. I admit I don’t know who he is. But I think it’s hilarious and kind of sexy that he shaved his head to atone for not winning the Tokyo Marathon. I could imagine other ways that he might atone for his shortcomings . .

All dead Mormons are gay. It’s easier than you think

Mormons are famous for converting dead people, including Holocaust victims. Now you can convert dead Mormons into gays at AllDeadMormonsAreNowGay. I thought it would be difficult since I don’t have a list of dead Mormons, but the simple UI even helps you Choose-A-Mormon. Thanks to Ericthefez for encouraging my visit and historic betterment.

Pussy Riot performs Holy Shit at Moscow’s Christ the Savior cathedral

More at Huffington Post. Via my mother.

While we’re freezing in Nor Hemi, some peeps are enjoying lawns, tats, gambling and visible cracks

Ah, the raw splendor of the tropics. Gambling at new year on the lawn of the Ho Chi Minh City Botanic Garden and Zoo. What’s the advantage of cold winters?

Dancing ladies ready to sell product, president, and dreams

Meant for each other? Or just another Hollywood lesbian fashion dream?

Gay AZ politician implicated in Sherrif Preventing-Anchor-Babies-By-Deporting-Ex-Boyfriend scandal

Cute, out Matt Heinz is running in AZ for US House seat vacated by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. If I am understanding this correctly, a new scandal involves text messages, sleepovers, each others’ boyfriends, bars, and alleged sex with a skanky recently outed sheriff. Not good to be seen as exchanging political favors and money for sex with Sheriff Babeu, recently noted for threatening to deport his ex-boyfriend.

Matt is so adorable that I hope he has a good excuse. Thanks JoeMyGod.


MIA’s Bad Girls throws lot of costumed punk attitude

Take me to the desert. An Oriental fantasy.

New power couple in bball?

I think they make a cute couple.

Queen seems happy with 60th jubilee

Do you think they’re watching Chelsea Handler?

Madonna’s newest video

Is it just me or do you think she’d be sexier playing a cougar rather than prom queen at age 50? Or she should head straight to Whatever Happened to Baby Jane territory asap.
Give Me All Your Luvin’ (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)