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Summer, where have you gone?



I stumbled upon this glorious street fashion snap. Summer, I miss you! This is one amazing psychedelic print outfit.

Sliding into the surf



I am not sure why I find this so funny. Maybe it’s the sideways motion, or his friends’ reactions. I guess the ocean is not safe, but is there a better place in the hot summer?

Hello, and please look at me



A camera is a great way to make friends. Why are these boys so friendly when approached by the older, foreign pervert?

Enoshima Eastside full of sexy guys



A hot summer day. On the way to the gay beach party with friends.

Fan is best for summer heat. So is wearing yukata.

2yukata_rainbowmatsuriWhat a cute and stylish couple at the Nichome summer Rainbow matsuri.


Grabbing the tiger by the tail

lion_tail_rainbowmatsuriI like how the guy in the blue t-shirt and glasses is leading the muscle tiger by the tail. Fur must be hot in the summer. Fortunately, there’s not so much of it.


Upside down with one hand, in summer heat



Yoyogi Park, under the overpass.


The beach view from inside the UV tent


Sun and wind with perfect summer clouds made for a great beach day. Screaming yankiis, tattoos, a pink donut, and good friends.


Back to prettier people, did you see the pole dancing outside Advocates on their 10th anniversary?



A free-standing sidewalk pole for dancing seemed like the best idea of the century. This big girl certainly looks festive!

Advocates bar spills out onto the sidewalk, with added skin in summer


Thanks for the tongue!