Month: April 2014

Happy 100th, Ladies & Drag Kings!


Takarazuka, the Japanese all-female musical revue, is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and the post office commemorates with postal stamps! Lots of gorgeous feathers, rhinestones, and men’s black tie. It looks so romantic. Who wants to go with me to the show in Hibiya?




Tokyo Rainbow Parade: Sunday April 27, starting in Yoyogi park


Tokyo’s LGBT parade will take place on Sunday, April 27 this year. Here’s information about the parade, and also about Rainbow Week, which extends across the public holiday. See you in Yoyogi park!

The mascot is a flying squirrel that lives in Shinjuku named Tobe. The name combines the Japanese word “fly” (飛ぶ) and the English word “to be” signifying personal expression.


I love how fantasy wedding involves no groom, no family


Why is this gorgeous woman lurking in the back seat of an old fashioned limousine? Of course, she’s promoting weddings at Meiji Jingu, perhaps the poshest place to get married in all of Japan. I love how this bride’s wedding fantasy includes no groom and no family. The perfect wedding is all about HER.

Justin Vivian Bond sings “Golden Age of Hustlers,” a look-back to early 90s via Bambi Lake

This brings me back to San Francisco before the tech-fueled dreams of money displaced the glamour and grit of a city at the edge of the nation. Bambi’s song is genius, and Justin only gets better as a singer and performer.