Month: April 2011

Another marital view

After the excitement of yesterday’s Royal Wedding– the dress, ahhhh!!– nothing is more appropriate than this lovely vacancy sign at a love hotel in Shibuya. Is the marital dog image the right one for lovers looking for “short term rests”? The random owls are a nice touch, plus the intriguing “in/full” that seems to stand in for vacancy/no vacancy.

Kate pegging Prince Will on commemorative plate

Congratulations, Kate & Will on your nuptials. To commemorate you can buy this “loving and humorous” plate. Click through to see the full NSFW (mom, that means “not safe for work”) full image. (Via Dan Savage’s blog).

Juvenile delinquent, the lifestyle

The husband derides Shibuya as the playground for “horny teenagers from Saitama,” a place where suburban kids pretend to be urban. I love how this clothing store turns juvenile delinquency into a desirable lifestyle that can be purchased and flaunted.