Remix of Japan’s Advertising Council commercials

In the weeks and months after the earthquake, the television channels in Japan either could not or would not run regular ads. In their place was what seemed like an endless loop of several commercials from Japan’s Advertising Council. I love how this tedious contingency became a resource for having some fun.

Ubiquitous Kimutaku

Ubiquitous Kimutaka
On a short walk through Kichijoji, Kimutaku (木村 拓哉), with his artfully shaggy perm, was literally everywhere: in a Sony digi-cam product display, on four magazine covers, and an NTT promotion with the full SMAP. In addition to the Cup of Noodle billboards and TV ads, and the on-going SMAP show, he’s got a new TV show debuting soon.

Could Kimutuku be even more pervasive? What if you could conjure him at will? What if he promoted every consumer product? I’m sure for many he’s already their number 1 imaginary friend.

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