Is Shibuya Japan’s Jersey Shore?

I love this CNNgo story that asks if Shibuya is Japan’s Jersey Shore. BTW, in Japan MTV calls the show, “Macaroni Rascals: The Jersey Shore Life.” Who is more tanned, who has bigger hair, who is more bedazzled, and who is showing off more skin “real estate”? Both geographies hold a special fascination that pairs bad taste with exuberant display.

Update: Or maybe Suma Beach in Kobe is the Kansai Jersey Shore, as Julie in Japan suggests.


    1. Thanks, Julie, for the Kansai locale. Have you been there?

      I am adding this image of Suma Beach to the post. It was the second one from Google Image Search.

  1. As an American who has lived in Kansai for over 4 years I can testify: Suma is DEFINITELY Kansai’s Jersey Shore. The place is an overwhelming concoction of Japanese white trash (see the above), white-white trash, and real trash. That said, it’s somewhat bareable at night when you can no longer see the murky water your swimming in. Lucky item: jail bait.

  2. OMG. I must to go to Suma! Yankii summer fashion is one thing that makes summer bearable. I’ve had to make do with the getta-and-sweat-pant-shorts combo that my city neighbors are sporting.

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