Senator’s Adultery, Christian Faith, and Dirty Money

Senator John Ensign

I am enjoying too much the endless story of US Senator John Ensign (pictured with his legally wed wife). First there was a story about how his parents offered 96,000 dollars to the husband of his mistress. At the time, he claimed that unlike President Bill Cliinton he committed no crimes. Now it seems he helped set up the husband, his former chief of staff, in a lobbying company by providing him with clients. My favorites part of the story is the large amount of Christian prayer both men and their families undertook. Apparently prayer does not always work! The latest New York Times story comes with a 20 year “interactive timeline.”

The story is soo tawdry, with the handsome senator, tearful promises, religious faith, and constant slippage into carnality. Here’s a sample:

At the urging of foundation leaders, Mr. Ensign agreed to write a good-bye letter to Cynthia Hampton and send it by overnight mail. “What I did with you was a mistake,” he wrote in longhand. “I was completely self-centered and only thinking of myself. I used you for my own pleasure.”

But immediately after the confrontation, the senator called Ms. Hampton and told her to disregard the letter, Ms. Hampton said. The relationship would continue for six more months.

Captain Hillary and Chelsea the Fierce

Captain Hilary and Chelsea the Fierce

Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton are looking formidable at the Senator’s confirmation hearings for Secretary of State. The title (and photo) are contributions from the husband.

I am excited for Hilary and, even more so, in anticipation of Chelsea’s imminent rise to public leadership. Watch out, world!