Worst diaper pants ever?!

We were passing a cute drinking spot in Shinjuku san chome, when my friend M told me to stop and see what is possibly the worst pair of diaper pants we have ever seen. This fashion trend, like double pants, seems to have lasted for years. Despite the fact that it is almost never flattering.

In fashion circles, I believe this is called “dropped crotch,” and it’s always for men. At best it looks like a long pants version of a woman’s skort (that funky skirt/shorts combo). Mostly, it looks like a young guy preparing for the days when he will be using an adult diaper.

Or maybe he just wants no one to look at his ass?


  1. I’m a new reader…but I was wondering…what are diaper pants? I’m guessing they’re only sold in Japan since I’ve never seen ’em here. How does he keep ’em up, they look like they’d drag ur pants low.

    glad they haven’t made it to our shores yet..sagging is already big here now imagine diaper pants + sagging..lol

    1. Welcome, Edd! If you have yet to see diaper pants, you are a lucky man! I’ve seen them occasionally in the US among the “fashion forward.” They’ve been dying a slow death in Japan for years. It is the most unflattering look imaginable.

  2. It’s so ugly and it’d have to be hard to walk in them too. It’d be like having something tied around your thighs.

    I’ve seen girls here wearing harem pants etc also a few other women’s versions of Japanese male fashions.

  3. Unfortunately, I have seen this look on girls here in Tokyo too – there are a couple of female clothing lines with them…to me it looks unattractive and well…a little uncomfortable.

    1. I am intrigued that you find them unflattering yet you “like” them. Please, please, tell me why?? I admire their goofiness but it has the sex appeal of a male burka, imo. Thank you for the lovely hair post on your blog. It’s huge, tall and asymmetrical! Did your hair turn out at all like his?!

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