Double pants: already over, or worth grabbing?

Have you seen the double pants? At first you think, his pants are falling off. Then, you realize there’s a completely different pants below the outer pants. The husband says this is so 2008. But then so are “dropped crotch” pants (aka, adult diaper pants) and I still see them everywhere in Tokyo.

Back to double pants, K. says she she’s seen old ladies reaching out to pull up men’s pants. I say more power to the old ladies who are looking and grabbing men’s butts.

Opinions? Btw, here’s a context shot, at the busy Nakano Sakaue intersection. I like how the top of his boots are also folded over, echoing the action around the mid-section.


  1. It would be so bulky. Okay maybe for Japanese guys who are so thin anyway…

    Go old ladies. They get away with so much.

  2. I’m inclined to agree with your husband and point out that these are pants made for guys not hardcore enough to simply wear baggy pants that show off their drawers.

  3. there once was a time(in high school) when i was so skinny that i would deliberately wear leggings under my jeans to give an illusion of a butt and thighs.
    damn, i miss those days. i miss being young and fit. totally envy this super slim guy.

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