Amazing portraits of male hosts

CNNGo has a fun interview with Numata Manabu, a Tokyo photographer who has been creating commercial and artistic images of male hosts for five years. I love these group portraits. Numata-san wants the viewer to see the hosts as individuals, and believes that many are smart and hard-working.

Numata-san also describes a progression in male hosts’ visual style, from old-school enka, to Kimutaku look-alikes, other popular Johnny’s boys, gyaruo and visual-kei. I think the kimono look is extra-festive!


  1. Oh ~ I’ve seen those guys ~ could you write more about their activities? Is it like prostitution? What types of people search them? Is it really popular? How much money do they make?
    So many questions unanswered 😉

  2. New j-dorama with your boy Kimutaku – starts May 10 on Fuji TV – called “Tsuki no Koibito.” Also with cutie Shota Matsuda, and my favorite actress Ryoko Shinohara!

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