Boy bands at suburban festival

Boy bands at suburban festival

At a large suburban festival, we saw *three* booths involving boy bands. My favorite was the one above which involved a rifle shooting game, with the boy band images as either prizes or encouragements. This older guy looks ready to teach the kids how to shoot to kill. The guy running the game was kind of an ikemen, with his fried hair piled into a glitter sequin watch cap.

Below two booths sold boy band imagery. Interestingly, in Japan, there is no equivalent girl band objects. I guess Japanese (male loving) women are just lucky in that respect. I also suspect that the imagery objectifying women is perhaps too dirty to be shown in public at a festival.

Boy bands at suburban festival

And still more. Plus there was a Korean store full of Korean bands and idols.

Boy bands at suburban festival


  1. XD There are two stores like this in Taipei that I’ve found. Most of my money is spent here, but I don’t walk away with much… funny how that happens.

    I’ve seen here *some* stuff like this for girl bands. It’s mostly just naked pics and such. I have a feeling young, preadolescent boys know where to find places like these for the “special women” in their lives.

  2. There’re mostly boy bands, cause Johnny’s Jimusho monopolize the jap. entertainment. Other agency don’t get their talents through with female talents, they can also just compete with boys, if they wanna try.
    And it’s based on the shonen-ai love of japanese women, as you’ve mentioned in an former entry. Fangirls just adore bishonen. šŸ˜‰

  3. Well equivalent girl band objects do exist, that is, if you’re referring to uchiwa, idol photocards/books and the like, then there’s Hello! Project and AKB48 merch.

    They’re just not as popular as the Johnny boys. Perhaps because the fangirls are more hardcore? lol šŸ™‚
    Or it might be because their agencies are more strict about not selling unauthorized merch.

  4. I’ve been to the Johnnys shop a few times and most of the customers are definitely not adolescents!

    It’s so worth a visit – have you been? To visit the official shop, you have to go in the morning and get a ticket that tells you what time you are allowed to come back and queue.

    Then you wait in the line while everyone glares at you! I don’t think the fan girls like seeing Westerners there. Plus all the Japanese girls are doing their hair and makeup to go into the shop (cos you need to look your best to buy photos????)

    Anyway lots of women in their 20s, 30s and 40s… even saw one woman who was in her 80s (she’d bought like 200 photos!) plus one dude with kids.

  5. Kathryn, thank you for the encouragement. Sounds like so much fun.

    What do you think the reaction to Western middle aged men would be at the Johnnys shop?!

  6. Ha, that would be so worth it just for the reactions — you’d either be super glared at or else totally loved on account of being a guy and therefore not “competition”!

    We will be in Tokyo in Dec and are planning a visit on the 4th if you are free and want company!

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