Novel street festival food

Novel street festival food

After a few street festivals, you think you’ve experienced the full range of street festival foods: hot dogs, okonomiyake, yaki soba, chocolate bananas, cotton candy, plum sweets, takoyaki, and increasingly kabab (what we would call shwarma). The recent festival we attended had some novelties including Mexican tacos and churros, and even bagel dogs.

Novel street festival food

The churros had an unauthorized Disney tie-in. The bagel dogs were surprisingly spicy and delicious.

Novel street festival food


  1. I want some churros! 😦

    Funny, I just got back home from eating “Mexican” food in a restaurant like 3 min from my house. It’s not bad but not genuine and a little expensive. Plus, those were def not my aunt’s enchiladas.

  2. Ah, I want to go to an omatsuri in Japan. Why do I live so far away T_T
    The food sounds typical stuff that’s sold on the streets of NYC. Although I’ve never seen bagel dogs before.

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