40,000 Page Views!

40,000 Page Views

Thank you, dear readers, for provoking this simple blog to surpass 40,000 hits. What started out as a personal reflection on some favorite topics and a way to stay in touch with old friends has exploded into an online sensation focused on Japanese male vanity, delinquency, fashion, slang, and always big men’s hair.

Through this blog, I have met fujoshi from throughout the English-reading world, young queens from Down Under and elsewhere, and the greatest Japanese blogger about otaku words, while simultaneously sharing inappropriate topics with my mother and in-laws. 失礼しました!

Most recently search traffic for Narimiya Hiroki has helped blasted traffic up to 7,000 views in August alone. Other popular posts include Mother-Daughter Boys Love, Japanese Men Behaving Badly, Paying $75 million for Her Ass?, Fundoshi v. Fujoshi. Popular searches include Madonna Ass, middle age gay, Yu Darvish, host Japanese, naked athletes, and the like. I can only imagine what those who have found my blog searching for more benign topics like Cindy McCain and Betty Ford have discovered reading this moe-focused blog.

Please let me know what you think of the blog, any suggestions, and any topics you’d like to know more about. Thank you very much for your kind attention to my often bizarre interests.


  1. I have nothing to suggest, because I love all of your blog posts. 😉 I would love to read more about the quirky things you find in the future, such as the blog post about toilet paper. I’m so easily amused by that sort of thing. 😛

    1. thank you, Goody. i always appreciate your comments. i always carry around a cheap pocket camera to take snaps of the little things that make life funny.

  2. Congratulations! XD

    I love your blog, but I think it needs slightly more semi-nude pics of hot guys. I am far too busy to look for new ones on my own, and you don’t want to leave me to oggle all my old stuff, do you? 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    1. You have seen the pix of Narimiya Hiroki (Aug 10 post)? Traffic to that page is through the roof! Yes, I will add more nudiity when I can. Thank you for the request 😉

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