Japan’s Election

Koizumi Shinjiro

Call me shallow, which my husband often does, but I was disappointed that Japan’s new Prime Minister Hatoyama, who defeated the long ruling LDP in a landslide yesterday, has the looks and charisma of a dead fish. So of course I was thrilled that the TV news coverage included endless coverage of former PM Koizumi’s attractive TV star son who managed to inherit daddy’s seat in a rare LDP and father-son win.

My favorite part of the coverage was when the expertly coiffed son teared up at a campaign press conference. This clip was on constant rotation last night. The boy knows how to act! If anyone can find the Youtube clip, I would be thrilled to post it. Here’s a small still:

Koizumi Shinjiro tear

Shinjiro, can you become the John-John Kennedy of Japan?

I also savored the grumpy old men who lost and complained that they were defeated by “assassin” female candidates who “stole” votes because they were young and pretty. Although I doubt the new party will change much, if anything, it was satisfying to see the old guard lamenting their lack of appeal.

Here’s one English language video clip about Koizumi Shinjiro and daddy-son politics in Japan.


  1. Humm … Not as sexy as his father. I once heard someone say that Japanese men are handsome when very young, then average through middle age, and again attractive when getting older…

    1. hehe, christophe. an interesting theory. in my opinion, Japanese men can be hot at any age. or not. there’s definitely a lot less obesity and better clothes and maintenance. male vanity is a beautiful thing.

  2. bi: actually, i think you’re right. but those press conference tears certainly show he is well trained.

    j-son: i must be a total middle-aged perv, but seeing the hot chicken handling a baby motivates me to vote, too.

  3. Hot damn, this must be the age of good-looking leaders (Obama, this guy). No longer will the female and gay populations of the world accept ugly, sunken-faced, country-accentified, boring ass old guys drull on and on about stuff that’s important. NOW, they must deliver the State of the Union in little more than a leather strap and some hairspray.


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