Stay classy, New York City


My favorite Twitter politician, Anthony Weiner, is back, and considering a run for mayor of New York City. Former US congressman Weiner used Twitter to get inappropriately close to new digital, female friends. It’s unclear to me whether he loved himself or his fans too much. As another great politican would say, you be the decider.

Remember the video with super-hot Jane Lynch and Bill Maher reading the Weiner testimony?!

Male hosts at Tori no Ichi festival: luck and style

I want to end the year on a happy note. So I’ll post images of male hosts taken at this year’s 3rd Tori no Ichi festival, at my beloved Hanazono Jinja. It’s smack dab in the middle of Ni chome, Kabukicho, and the department stores. This year, I chatted with many male hosts who were seeking luck while parading style. So many inappropriate looks!

Is it OK for a teen boy to wear this t-shirt?

“Spread eagle,” worn as a three pink tone, muscle t-shirt by a neighborhood lad, is an invitation to a crime. Recently I saw an even more directly inappropriate teen t-shirt message: “Arctic Monkeys, Suck it and See.” This music fan may not have understood the lyrics, but his hair and outfit were asking to be observed.

I still have not discovered what the Japanese word for jailbait is. What is the age of consent, or of propriety? Are the teens somehow complicit? Even looking feels like a crime.

(Photo credit: Katy L)

More omatsuri fun

Apart from the cultural heritage and spiritual meaning, Japanese festivals are also great places to observe good-looking guys doing odd things. Many claim that the food stalls are controlled by the underworld, but I know for certain that they are the source of endless “yankii” fashion. I love how the guy in the photo above is using a power tool to create the batter for delicious “castello” cakes that are made in cast iron molds.

And I know it’s completely inappropriate, but I couldn’t help but notice this attractive young guy selling children’s toys.

For those near Nakano, the ward’s omatsuri is this weekend! Maybe I’ll see you there?

Cougars are here to stay!?

Cougars here to stay!?

I love the NY Times Style section. Today features a hot photo from Cougar Town with Courtney Cox and Nick Zano and an article with the pseudo-intellectual title “Rethinking the Older Woman-Younger Man Relationship.” The basic idea is that now that women over 40 are more self-sufficient, they are freer to date men who are younger (and also poorer, of different religions and races).

Cougars have been maligned as desperate and inappropriate. And many men have been known to only date younger. Who can argue with feminine liberation? Can a cougar be omniverous and multi-generational? Can queers be cougars? What do you think?

Inappropriate toddler cheerleading

Inappropriate toddler cheerleading

OK, my morals are not conventional. Still, the sight of toddlers dressed like hookers and doing cheerleading in Nakano’s main plaza seems a bit over the top and very inappropriate to me. Why are they wearing such “sexy” outfits? And what’s up with the red-white-and-blue theme? Do they not have parents? What do you think?