Zettai Kareshi, the Dreamy Robot

Zettai Kareshi

Of course the perfect boyfriend is a robot. This anime has become a live action melodrama on Fuji TV, with Hayami Mokomichi as the dreamy robot with Johnny-su hair. Thanks, Yoko, for introducing us! Lots more photos here. Does anyone know if there’s fansub translations?

Here’s the preview:

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  1. Zettai is currently being english hardsubbed by Sars. Until now 4 episodes are out 8)

    Japan is a wonderful place to live! You’re lucky 8)

  2. Thank you, Saltine. I *am* lucky to be living here in Tokyo. It makes the USA seem so third world.

    Thanks for the reference to Sars fansub. I just saw the first one!

  3. Hi… Just send u the email. Hope it helps.

    Nice blog you have here. Indeed, it’s great and lucky that you get to experience Japan culture and share them over here…


  4. I gulped down all 4 episodes that have been fan subbed. I somehow believe it’s improving my Japanese.

    For the other Zettai Kareshi fans out there, I have one question: do you find it unlikely that the lead female character has prized feminine chastity and human romance? Despite many offers from the dreamy robot!!

    I cannot imagine anyone resisting Hayami Mokomichi. Maybe there is a relationship between social demands for feminine chastity and women’s fantasies about Boys Love.

    Any opinions out there?!

  5. hehehe thanks for dropping by my site XD
    yes indeed its clearly ur a huge fan of his hehe

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