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Host’s Wife, on Fuji TV

Host's Wife, on Fuji TV

Fuji TV is airing a 2 hour drama called the Host’s Wife (ホストの女房) tonight at 9 pm. I want to see it, but the description, per the Japan Times, sounds kind of tired.

This Friday, Fuji TV presents an original two-hour drama, “Host no Nyobo” (The Host’s Wife, 9 p.m.), which is supposedly based on a true story.

Akemi (Hitomi Kuroki) is the rich and pampered daughter of a prominent Tokyo architect, and in line with her station she is married to an elite executive. Her life seems set.

One day, she goes to a host club in the Kabukicho entertainment district of Tokyo with a few of her female friends, mainly as a joke. There, she meets Aida (Susumu Terajima), who is the club’s No. 1 host. Though hosts may play favorites with valued customers, they aren’t necessarily supposed to become romantically involved with them, but Akemi and Aida are immediately attracted to each other.

The relationship sparks rumors that get back to Akemi’s parents, who disapprove strongly. She becomes even more determined to abandon everything, including her inheritance, and run away with Aida. In the meantime, Aida, who grew up poor, is becoming the king of Kabukicho.

Isn’t Terajima a bit old to be the No. 1 host in Kabukicho? Is anyone going to watch this?

Update: Because Japan Times online site runs old news, I made the mistake of thinking the show was on tonight, when it aired last week. Did anyone watch it?

Otomen TV show starts soon

Otomen tv show starting soon

A TV version of the manga Otomen is starting soon in Japan (August 1, 11.10 pm, Fuji TV), as revealed by this Omootesando billboard. The story centers on high school junior  Asuka Masamune: manly man and judo/karate/kendo master on the outside, lover of caramel macchiato, shōjo manga, sweets, and pink things on the inside. Apparently he romances a (female) classmate by teaching her how to do girly stuff.

I first heard of this term from my otaku and moe language teacher Bangin. He prefers this term over “soshokukei” (herbivores). Otomen, he defines, as young men who like BL and otome stuff (note the pink flower in the billboard which refers to girls’ anime styles), who are skilled at domestic crafts, and who act manly in public but are secretly feminine.

Thank you, Japanese television. Anyone else looking forward to this show?

Zettai Kareshi, the Dreamy Robot

Zettai Kareshi

Of course the perfect boyfriend is a robot. This anime has become a live action melodrama on Fuji TV, with Hayami Mokomichi as the dreamy robot with Johnny-su hair. Thanks, Yoko, for introducing us! Lots more photos here. Does anyone know if there’s fansub translations?

Here’s the preview:

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