Vice Fairy offers directory of Tokyo summer fireworks

I love everything to do with yankiis. Think big blond hair and maybe too much make-up. Chunky jewelry and glitter skulls and bones. So I was delighted to see Vice Fairy brand promoting their summer yukatas with a full schedule of the Tokyo fireworks season.

The husband gagged when he saw this image. It reminds me of John Waters saying that, for him as a filmmaker, an audience member’s vomiting is like a standing ovation.

One comment

  1. The guys with dyed long hair,skulls, bones etc are called your guy in the picture. You see them in shibuya, ikebukuro shinjuku etc

    Yankis are more like thugs. They dye their hair but are very very different from gyaruo. Usually younger men “manner less “,and mullet ish or short hair, wearing their pants very low on the hips are called yankis.

    Very different from each others

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