Vice Fairy offers directory of Tokyo summer fireworks

I love everything to do with yankiis. Think big blond hair and maybe too much make-up. Chunky jewelry and glitter skulls and bones. So I was delighted to see Vice Fairy brand promoting their summer yukatas with a full schedule of the Tokyo fireworks season.

The husband gagged when he saw this image. It reminds me of John Waters saying that, for him as a filmmaker, an audience member’s vomiting is like a standing ovation.

Summer yukatas!

Some people go to Tokyo’s fireworks for the, well, fireworks. Online you can go to many site to see beautiful images of fireworks. I go to fireworks events to see the many men in yukata. It’s a wonderous summer feeling to see so many guys wearing yukata and jinbei, often in the louchest fashion. Ah, summer!

Tokyo has so many fireworks events all summer. Even if you don’t go to all of them, you can look forward to riding the trains on Saturday evening and seeing many people, mostly young people, in traditional summer outfits. It’s one of my favorite parts of Tokyo summer.

One Life to Live, Bringing BL to Amerika?!


One Life to Live brought the first gay male sex scene to daytime TV in Amerika. I love how it begins and ends with candles and fireworks. This female-focused gay love makes me wonder if the US has finally realized that ladies might enjoy watching gay male sex as much as straight guys enjoy faux lesbianism. This would represent a belated import from Asia, bringing BL or boys love across the Pacific. Now they just need better music for love-making!

Here’s the video:

And here’s what my favorite blogger Bryan Boy wrote in his Twitter stream: “I bet housewives all across america were fingering themselves to this.”