Sakurai Sho & the making of an Ozzie fan girl

Lovely story by Project Me’s Kathryn about how she went from an Ozzie indie rock chick to a Japanese fan girl. I love how she hates when people call Arashi a “boy band.” They are IDOLS, she reminds us. Glad to know that super-vain Japanese boys are spreading happiness to the furthest corners of the Earth. And attracting new energy and life to Japan by inspiring immigrants!

Sui Sui!


  1. that is wrong on so many levels! couldn’t help but laugh my head off (choked a little on my oatmeal) never saw him in that light before.
    im not a blog fan (of any blog) but i find your blog very refreshing and funny!

  2. I thought I’d already left a comment but it must not have saved. Thanks for the link.

    Are they really that vain or is it just their job? They seem to happily put on the weirdest outfits for our amusement and I know a lot of (lesser) men who wouldn’t do that.

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