We love Papa

Happy Father’s Day! I apologize for the poor image quality, but the message of this advertisement is so endearing. We love Papa. I love how the young boy is so well dressed, and standing proudly next to his bleached-blond yankii daddy. Discovered somewhere on the Yamanote line.


  1. That’s a super cute kid’s outfit.

    But come, on the picture quality! Surely if you’d explained the importance of this project to the station staff, they’d have done something about the reflecting lights. People of the world need to see yankii hair!

      1. Yes I think most people think the Japanese either are all Harajuku lolilita style or wear kimonos. My current female fashion icons are some of the Japanese female comedians. I should actually write a post on that.

        Do yankiis actually wear the long white coats with embrodery (sp?) or is that just in dramas?

  2. Found this for you!

    Have you heard of the Japanese slang word “Iku-men”?

    I think that this word is very interesting, because it has been a big social interest over the last couple of years.

    Iku-men is written in Katakana as イクメン、but in kanji, the “iku” is merely written as 育, which stands for raising. In Japanese “men” means a man used in a trendy way.

    Now you can guess what “iku-men” means. It is a man who is engaged in raising a child. It must have sounded very odd and it departs from common tradition from a few decades ago in Japan. However, it’s becoming acceptable to have men who take care of their children.

    According to a survey, more than 30% of men want to take child-care leave. Yet, only 1 or 2% of working men are actually “iku-men.” The reason is that they won’t be paid a salary during child-care leave, and they also worry about what will happen to their co-workers during their absence. They are also unsure what will happen to their career afterwards.

    The survey shows how women feel about “iku-men.” Most of them think that “iku-men” are cool!

    Are you familar with the word “ike-men”? イケメン 
    It means “good looking guy! ”

    Oh, the perfect man is not just ”iku-men”, but also “ike-men”!


    1. Thanks, Julie, for the “iku-men” tip. I hadn’t heard of that word before. It perfectly describes this fetish of mine. Did I mention the (male) swim instructors at my public pool who are teaching the small kids learn to swim?! Super-hot!

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