Flaming across Shinjuku Dori

This flaming outfit crossing Shinjuku’s widest boulevard had me dumb-struck. How is it possible to be *this* gay in Tokyo? Although many hetero Tokyo outfits can easily pass as trannie by USA standards, this early summer outfit is over the top: starting with the fur-topped short booties, the leopard print hand-bag, the large fried hair, and the certain swagger.


  1. I think the lady in the black/white striped dress is staring at this man while the other looks oblivious. lol

  2. My judgement of sexual preference via clothing is really skewed in Japan!

    Last night, on the train platform, (Nakano – no less!) I saw a guy in some tight black jeans, boots in. That’s not really an indicator – could be, but not sure.

    His shirt was a tight, short sleeved black thing with some sort of ruching on the back. Again, hmmm…not sure.

    His bag was white leather with fringe and gold detail. Ah, well I hate to make judgments based on a man-bag!

    BUT when I got on thetrain, and was standing next to him – he smelled of strawberry scented shampoo!

    I am going to go with his being “family.”

    1. Haha. Apryl, you should have taken a photo. BTW, street fashion photos are most welcome for guest blog posts here at Tokyo Moe. All the more relevant since you are in my Nakano neighborhood. None of the fashion elements you cite, including the strawberry scent, are “family” markers in Japan, me thinks.

  3. I might start snappin pics! I have been shy to just whip out the Exifilm 12.2 Megapixel keitai for street fashion pics.

    Then how are we – the straight girl and/or gay man – supposed to know who to pounce on?!?!

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