1. these hair styles(unique to countries like Japan and Korea) are starting to catch on(unfortunately) among young boys/men in countries like India , Nepal, and Bhutan.

  2. cuz it takes away from the person’s good looks. but that’s just my opinion. i understand that there are many people who find it to be attractive. I come from that part of the world and i want our young men to look their hottest but in many cases, i’ve found it to detract from their beauty. ..i’ve yet to see one man who looks good with these hair styles…just want to make it clear that i have nothing against japanese men or anyone for that matter. i just want them to look super hot!!!!!!! i’m aware that i have no business telling these men or anyone for that matter how to style their hair…trust me when i say i have good intentions..i look at it like when your best friend wears this really unflattering pair of jeans and u give her u’r honest opinion cuz u want her to look hot.

    1. Oona, are you an advocate for the completely natural look for men?

      Having lived in California so long, I find unkempt men sloppy and un-watchable. I like a little effort, whether it’s full-on tranny, backcombed and plucked salarymen, rugby thass and uniform, or clashing multi-colored patterns.

      But that’s just me.

      Tokyo is big enough for all types of male looks (and non-looks). I hope you are not too disappointed reading this blog (^_-)

  3. Thank you for all the visual updates on Nakano, Tokyo Moe! I feel like the perimeter around the station has just the right mix of sleaze and friendly neighbourhood vibes. It’s a suburban Shinjuku!

    1. GEG, you are right that Nakano is the perfect balance between sleaze and suburbia, friendly and wild. I have more Nakano Station pix to post soon. There’s always something to look at, and photograph, in that station!

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