Why do Japanese love rainbows?

Japanese love rainbows! I made this rice bowl for the husband’s sister, and gave it the rainbow treatment because I heard she likes them.

Except perhaps for small town Christian children in the lost part of Amerika, every Amerikan associates rainbows with gays. Not in Japan. Just like men’s plucked eybrows, back-combed hair, outre fashion, and overall vanity, rainbows are not marked as other, different, or marginal.

Why do Japanese love rainbows?

Here’s the backside of the rice bowl.

This is one of my first pottery wheel ceramics. The only reason it looks mostly symmetrical is that my teacher/father-in-law helped me a lot!


    1. So true. It’s so funny how Japan has rainbow taxis, rainbow canned coffee, & rainbow bridges.

      Kathryn, what other awesome decorations do you like? Glitter nails, unicorns, hair pins on boys?

  1. Stuff like glitter nails, phone deco etc I have mixed feelings about – like it’s so lame and impractical, but I kinda want it.

    I have a total fascination with the extreme nail styles – I saw some in a magazine recently with chains hanging from the nails. My first thought with that kind of thing is how do they perform toilet functions???? I guess that’s why the bidet is so popular 🙂

    Unicorns = total lame. I think they are for people who love kittens and Twilight!

    Hairpins on guys = awesome. Also nail polish. Atm I have thing for feminine looking guys in kimono (is it called kimono on guys or is there a different word?) Kame from KAT-TUN does it well and I recently saw a pic of Gackt (who I normally don’t like).

    I love Rainbow Bridge. The first time I went to Tokyo, I took about 800 pictures of it then made everyone I know look at them because, no matter what anyone says, there is a need to take that many photos.

    Btw I have been noticing an influx of Japanese guys with big hair in Melbourne lately. It’s most unusual because most young Japanese people who come to Australia are the serious student type. I think I need to take photos 🙂

  2. it’s cos the japanese have different meanings associated with certain symbols. rainbows dont equate to homosexuality everywhere in the world.

    i’m neither japanese nor american and i think rainbows are pretty. the rest of the stuff u listed (like plucked eyebrows) are a different matter though..

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