1. 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

    Good news: I have a very small group within the exchange students that I can hang out with now! 🙂 Me, Rebekkah from US, and Corinna from Ger are very close now. I’m so happy.

    Bad news: I’m having major problems with my host family. -_- I will email you the details in the next week or so b/c I fear posting it publicly.

  2. HA!! I absolutely love Miyuki Hatoyama. She used to be in Takarazuka. Have you seen the youtube clip where she makes him Okonomiyaki for breakfast and he does the dishes? Someone emailed it to me. They are such a strange couple but I love them.

  3. Julie, I love your positive energy. But did you see the video clip? Part of me loves how way-out Mrs Hatoyama is, part of me cringes at her lack of elegance and style. It’s one part trips to Venus on UFO, two parts inappropriate outfits and too much make-up. At least she seems to be enjoying herself.

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