Kitanachelin, or Dirty Michelin, ramen meal in upscale Shibuya suburb

Have you heard about this Japanese TV program, called “Kitanachelin”?! It’s a program that showcases neighborhood restaurants that have great food and are dirty looking. The title combines the word “kitainai” or dirty with an abbreviated version of Michelin, as in the guide to fine dining.

We stumbled into this ramen shop in Sangenjaya using Tabelog. Only when we had ordered did I recognize the proud trophy on the counter. I wonder when they won the coveted prize: the food was OK but not great, and the place merely untidy rather than over-the-top filthy.

One Life to Live, Bringing BL to Amerika?!


One Life to Live brought the first gay male sex scene to daytime TV in Amerika. I love how it begins and ends with candles and fireworks. This female-focused gay love makes me wonder if the US has finally realized that ladies might enjoy watching gay male sex as much as straight guys enjoy faux lesbianism. This would represent a belated import from Asia, bringing BL or boys love across the Pacific. Now they just need better music for love-making!

Here’s the video:

And here’s what my favorite blogger Bryan Boy wrote in his Twitter stream: “I bet housewives all across america were fingering themselves to this.”

木村 拓哉の良いドラマがもっとありますか

木村 拓哉と北大路欣也の華麗なる一族

華麗なる一族をもう見終わりました。このドラマは予想のつけやすい、下手な演技、けれど木村 拓哉と北大路欣也のドラマがたのしかったんです。衣装や国家主義の表現が面白かった。たぶん、きたおうじきんやの顔の手術が彼の顔を動かなくしたみたいです。

Changeのファンサブを待ています。きむたくの最新ドラマです。 だれか、きむたくや北大路欣也やの面白いドラマを知ってますか?

More Kimutaku recommendations?

Too fast I finished watching Karei naru Ichizoko. The show was predictable, the acting poor, but I enjoyed watching the drama between Kimutaku & Kitaoji Kinya. Costumes and nationalist expression were also interesting. Probably Kitaoji’s surgery is limiting his facial expressions.

I am waiting for the fansubbing of Change, Kimutaka’s latest tv drama. Can anyone suggest other good Kimutaku or Kitauji Kinya dramas?