Moral outrage over homo Facebook scam

Moral outrage over homo Facebook scam in Wisconsin

New Berlin, Wisconsin, the New York Times and apparently the international media are ga-ga over the news that a high school boy tricked 39 male classmates into sending him naked photos by posing as a girl on Facebook. He then threatened to make public their naked photos and videos, and blackmailed 7 of them to have sex with him. Apparently this news has made it even to the Taiwanese media, since I first learned about it last week from my SF acupuncturist.

I love how the media is in a tizzy since it involves homo sex. Since they were all under-age, it hardly seems like a sex crime. And no one seems to question why 39 male high school students so willingly sent naked images of themselves to a Facebook “friend” they apparently did not know. Rock on, you clever, dirty high schooler.


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