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Saito Takumi (斎藤工) in Boys Love

Saito Takumi (斎藤工) in Boy's Love

Thank you, Pu, for bring up Saito Takumi (斎藤工). This is an alluring movie poster. Have any of my readers seen this movie? Is “Boys Love” for fujoshi, gays, or both?

I read on Wikipedia that there are two versions, both involving “unexpected love” between young men and precocious high school boys. Is this a jailbait story? Any reviews from my readers?

Otomen TV show starts soon

Otomen tv show starting soon

A TV version of the manga Otomen is starting soon in Japan (August 1, 11.10 pm, Fuji TV), as revealed by this Omootesando billboard. The story centers on high school junior  Asuka Masamune: manly man and judo/karate/kendo master on the outside, lover of caramel macchiato, shōjo manga, sweets, and pink things on the inside. Apparently he romances a (female) classmate by teaching her how to do girly stuff.

I first heard of this term from my otaku and moe language teacher Bangin. He prefers this term over “soshokukei” (herbivores). Otomen, he defines, as young men who like BL and otome stuff (note the pink flower in the billboard which refers to girls’ anime styles), who are skilled at domestic crafts, and who act manly in public but are secretly feminine.

Thank you, Japanese television. Anyone else looking forward to this show?

Moral outrage over homo Facebook scam

Moral outrage over homo Facebook scam in Wisconsin

New Berlin, Wisconsin, the New York Times and apparently the international media are ga-ga over the news that a high school boy tricked 39 male classmates into sending him naked photos by posing as a girl on Facebook. He then threatened to make public their naked photos and videos, and blackmailed 7 of them to have sex with him. Apparently this news has made it even to the Taiwanese media, since I first learned about it last week from my SF acupuncturist.

I love how the media is in a tizzy since it involves homo sex. Since they were all under-age, it hardly seems like a sex crime. And no one seems to question why 39 male high school students so willingly sent naked images of themselves to a Facebook “friend” they apparently did not know. Rock on, you clever, dirty high schooler.