Big Boy tempts Japan

Ah, Big Boy! The image of this happy boy fattie brings back memories of US highways and road trips. At home, he’s known as Bob’s Big Boy. In Japan, they have dropped the “Bob’s” from the name, but the imagery is exactly the same. I was surprised to find this bit of road-side Americana within Tokyo. The height of the sign and the surrounding parking lot are so at odds with the normal Tokyo streetscape. Will anybody admit to eating there?


  1. Hey – that is a popular place here! Always loads of people when I have gone.

    The menu is COMPLETELY different from “at home” Big Boy…no Hot Fudge Cake here!

    But my daughter loves the “hamburg” steak that comes only half cooked and you cook it yourself on the little heated thing they bring you.

  2. In the US, “Bob’s Big Boy” wasn’t always the name for the restaurant in other parts of the country outside California, as there had been different franchisees of the Big Boy branding that operated restaurants of their own selling such items. The one where I am that is still in business is “Frisch’s”.

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