Shiba Koen outdoor summer pool

In the shadow of Tokyo Tower, Minato ward has opened their outdoor summer pool one minute from the Shibakoen Toei Mita station. Apparently sunblock is not permitted, so I won’t be there between 10 am and 4 pm. I made my first visit on Friday after work: a beautiful sunset over Tokyo Tower and the surrounding towers. As hyped by word-of-mouth, this outdoor pool is mega-gay.

The funniest moment was arriving at the clean and new facility. There were many, many posters explaining how tattoos are not permitted. I love the Western shoulder tattoo and the attempt at universal language, plus Japanese and English. Is it passive-aggressive to also explain how to hide your tattoos, with rash guards, “supporter,” taping, etc.

I didn’t get to visit, but I heard there’s a mezzanine area with lounge chairs, canvas sun shields, vending machines, and a smoking area! Way to promote fitness tied to tanning and smoking. Yumm! Apart from the very warm pool water, I recommend a visit. But after seeing all the minimal swimsuits, I think I may need to buy a smaller one!

BTW, this pool closes on September 15. Hours are 9 am to 8 pm, with a 5 pm closing time after September 1. They are also closed on August 2 for cleaning. I’ll post more night photos of the pool house exterior and Tokyo Tower soon.