Cage fight between plushies, with Lou Diamond Phillips as villain. How did I miss that?!

I’d heard the song, but the video is oddly inspiring and lascivious. I’m also loving the video for Macklemore and Lewis’ Thrift Shop. Good to wake up on the weekend and see that the kids are still dressing up and acting weird.


Drag villain?!

Thank you, Josh F, for putting these two images together of Bernie Madoff, Ponzi mastermind, and his biggest Austrian feeder Sonja Kohn, who is now being sued for US$ 19.6 billion and labeled his “criminal soul mate.”

As the photo makes evident, it also seems likely that Sonja and Bernie are the same person, with the simple addition of lipstick and a red wig. Why are villains so captivating?!

Tatsu Yoshi, Japanese pro-wrestler

Great story about Tatsu Yoshi in the Japan Times: the only Japanese guy in US-based pro-wrestling league. He’s a rare foreigner playing a “good guy” rather than a villain.

I love his enthusiasm and belief that his melodramatic storylines will contribute to US-Japanese friendship. I can imagine other ways for him to accomplish that goal. ^^Ah, well, I imagine he’s inspiring many horny boys with new dreams without taking off his spandex shorts.

The pro-wrestlers will be performing at Tokyo’s (sacred) sumo wrestling hall Kokugikan on August 20 and 21.