vending machine

Ebizo selling bottled tea at vending machine in Ni-chome

Disgraced and barely repentant kabuki actor Ebizo still has some promotional activities. I found him in Ni-chome selling bottled tea at a vending machine. I love how Japanese consumer products still use famous actors and celebrities in Japanese costume in wood houses or by bamboo forests. Very nostalgic and sexy!

Most disgusting canned drink ever?!

Is this new? Has anyone tried it? I was stunned to see this in the vending machine, and then read the katakana to understand that this Morinaga-brand drink is a “hotto caaki miruku seiki” (in other words, a hotcake milk shake). Please let me know if you’ve tried it! Can you taste the butter and faux maple syrup, or is it all pancake?!


Nakano bowling: sports & good eats

Nakano bowling

We celebrated the last day of Golden Week at the Nakano Bowling alley. Shiho ceramics student Katie won both games! Check out Dad’s “Who’s Your Daddy” t-shirt from San Francisco.

And check out the lovely vending machine food options (from left to right, top to bottom): deep fried octopus balls, fried rice triangles, pan fried noodles, hamburg bento (hamburg = hamburger – bun), pork fried rice triangle with deep fried chicken, fried chicken and french fries, french fries (twice), and fried rice. Yummy!

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