Saito Takumi (斎藤工) in Boys Love

Saito Takumi (斎藤工) in Boy's Love

Thank you, Pu, for bring up Saito Takumi (斎藤工). This is an alluring movie poster. Have any of my readers seen this movie? Is “Boys Love” for fujoshi, gays, or both?

I read on Wikipedia that there are two versions, both involving “unexpected love” between young men and precocious high school boys. Is this a jailbait story? Any reviews from my readers?

Two towers at night

Roppongi Hills at night

During the day, Roppongi Hills looks over-sized, the product of Mr Mori of Mori Building putting the largest floor plates his influence could buy with city planners. At night, viewed from it’s base, it can be inspiring. Perhaps off-theme of this blog, though also incredibly phallic.

Even more iconic is Tokyo Tower. I think the photo is too blurry, but the husband likes it.

Tokyo Tower